Allanah Kenoras-Schwandt - Web and Graphic Design CNC
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Allanah Kenoras-Schwandt

I moved to Prince George from Grand Forks, BC in 2009 for post-secondary education. Initially, I struggled and felt lost and it wasn’t until I enroled in CNC’s Fine Arts Program that I began to feel successful and on the right path. It was a natural move to take The Web and Graphic Design program as my art style ranges from sketching, pottery and painting to vector graphics and digital illustrations. I focused my education on web and graphic design so that I could be a multi-functional employee after graduation.

I was graduating the Fine Arts Program and wanted a career where I could apply my artistic skills, and be successful. I discovered the WEGD program and was instantly set on enroling, it had everything I wanted with a job on the other side.

I believe it got as close as a two-year program can, it has inspired me to keep my options open for further education down the road. I have learned a lot and am pleased with where I am in my education.

My experience has been a positive one. I have made amazing friends, learned a lot and feel confident in my web and graphic design skills.

I am hoping to be hired by a local company. I don’t want to leave a town (Prince George) that has given me so much. Maybe one day I will start my own thing, but for now, I know I need to gain experience from others in the field.

Some of my favourite moments, for sure, include the puns, I love a bad pun. Puppy visits to class! and laughing with classmates over good things and stressful moments.








April 12, 2017


Web & Graphic Design