Kaitlyn Foreman - Web and Graphic Design CNC
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Kaitlyn Foreman

I have always loved art and learning more about it and this has led to an interest in design. Having to make something, whether it be artwork, a design, or another project, is something I really enjoy.

One of the reasons I took the program, was because I had seen work that previous students had done and it made me want to enrol. The variety of work showed me that by joining the program, I could try many different things and branch off into different career paths. I wanted to do something that involved computers, but also had a creative side as well.

The program met my needs and expectations. The program has been nice, fun and I will be able to use the skills learned here in the future.

Learning about other designers work, including architects and typographers, has been great. Those are times when I got to see how much design is a part of our lives.


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April 12, 2017


Graphic Design