Teigan Mudle - Web and Graphic Design CNC
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Teigan Mudle

I’m a graphic designer who is graduating from the Web and Graphic Design program at CNC. I primarily call myself an artist because of my background in fine arts and my commitment to creating beautiful things, which means I enjoy working on projects that allow me to use my creative side to solve design problems. In the Fall, I will be going to VIU to pursue a Bachelors of Design in Graphic Design.

I started out in fine arts, but I decided to transfer over to this program because I wanted to gain more experience working with digital media, and I wanted to obtain a more employable degree for the immediate future.

The program provided me with a great jumping off point into graphic design and provided me with critical thinking skills to use in all of my future endeavors.

The best part of the program for me are the teachers: every teacher is this program genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed.

Spending time with my classmates talking about our projects and critiquing each other has always been one of my favourite parts of going to school. I love being surrounded by people who are interested in the same field as me.






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April 12, 2017


Graphic Design